The current version number is 0.7.1.

If you have a TomTom whose serial number starts with PE (or whose BootLoader version is 1.x), try the AT4X0A version 0.7.0. This version is experimental, there are some minor issues to resolve.

License: ttMaps is a freeware. Because of certain restrictions of a library licence, the redistribution of the software is prohibited. You do not have the right to propose it on another website or on a CD of freeware.


The maps must be in the ECW format (Enhanced Compressed Wavelets). In addition, they must be georeferenced, ie contain the following information:

It is possible to reference your own maps. If you are interested, read this page.

To allow you to quickly try ttMaps, here are four sets of maps already referenced:

Blue Marble

The Blue Marble files belong to NASA.

Licensing: For all non-private uses, NASA's Terms of Use are as follows:

  1. The imagery is free of licensing fees
  2. NASA requires that they be provided a credit as the owners of the imagery

Download Blue Marble in ECW format.

CIA World Factbook

Licence : Public domain.

Download the CIA World Factbook map in ECW format.


The SCAN1000® files belong to IGN.

Licensing: The files SCAN1000 ® can be freely downloaded from our website All uses of these files are allowed, excluding any commercial exploitation. For the commercial exploitation of files, prior authorization is required from the IGN commercial network. Any reproduction must be accompanied by the words IGN-"product name" and any representation on a website must be accompanied by the same words associated with a link to address

Download SCAN1000 in ECW format.

Map of Europe GéoLibre from ROFMR

This map covers a large part of Europe, North Africa and the Near East. More precisely, the area between 25°W, 41°E, 72°N and 27°N.

Download the map of Europe in ECW format.

Map of France GéoLibre from ROFMR

Download the map of France in ECW format.

Last modification : 20/03/2014