21 march 2014 : ttMaps 0.7.1 released !

Sound guidance to a target has been implemented, together with some minor improvements.

For a complete list of new features, see the changelog.

9 january 2013 : ttMaps 0.7.0

With this new version, you'll be noticed if you go out of your route, and you'll be able to draw or edit your route. It also fixes some minor bugs.

6 july 2012 : ttMaps 0.6.4

This version fixes some minor bugs, and the AGD66/GEODETIC projection (Australia) has been added.

30 may 2012 : ttMaps 0.6.3

7 december 2011 : ttMaps 0.6.2

This version fixes some minor bugs, and adds some new features :

10 august 2011 : ttMaps 0.6.1

This is a bug-fix only release.

3 august 2011 : ttMaps 0.6.0

List of new features

1. The main new feature is the ability to automatically rotate the map in the direction of travel. In the "Preferences" menu, "Display Preferences", "Map Orientation", you can choose between four options:

The first option corresponds to the current operation: the map is displayed as it was created. In the second option, the map is rotating continuously in the direction of travel. In the last two options, the map is rotated so that the north (or west) of the map is at the top of the screen.

When one of the last three options is selected, I have not noticed any significant slowdown in the display. But changing map or zoom level is significantly slower. This is normal, because due to the rotation of the map, the size of the area that must be read from ECW files is no longer equal to the screen, but a square with sides equal to the diagonal of the screen. The surface is more than doubled. Moving the map with your finger is slightly slower too.

Note: The map turns automatically when speed exceeds 3 km/h. This threshold can be changed by editing ttmaps.conf. Other parameters have also been added:

4 march 2011 : ttMaps 0.5.1

This version can display track profiles.

15 january 2011 : ttMaps 0.5.0

This version implements the drag mode and fixes bug #80.

7 january 2011 : New ttMaps forums

Forums for ttMaps users are available at .

18 november 2010 : ttMaps 0.4.3

This version fixes some bugs, and adds some projections for french territories. For a complete list of new features, see the changelog.

Important Note : It is necessary to reindex your maps after installing this new version.

21 october 2010 : ttMaps 0.4.2

This version fixes some bugs, adds the coordinates of cities of Great Britain and projections for US Sectional Raster Aeronautical Charts.

11 august 2010 : ttMaps 0.4.1

This version works with TomTom NavCore 9.056.

29 July 2010: ttMaps 0.4.0 incompatible with TomTom V 9.056

It seems that the touchscreen no longer works with version 9.056 (and perhaps later) of the TomTom navcore.

14 july 2010 : ttMaps 0.4.0

This new version brings several functionalities, and fixes several bugs.

31 december 2009 : ttMaps 0.3.1

This version is primarily intended to ensure compatibility with version 9.0 of the TomTom navigation software. But it also contains some improvements.

18 november 2009 : ttMaps 0.3.0

This new release introduces a new functionality related to navigation: it is possible to define a target, and ttMaps will guide you along the shortest path (great circle). This feature will be especially useful not only for sailors, aircraft pilots, but also for geocachers and orienteers.

As usual, several small improvements have been made, new projections have been added and bugs have been fixed.

13 august 2009 : ttMaps 0.2.6

This new version brings no new functionality, but supports many new projections, especially for Australia and Portugal.

24 july 2009 : ttMaps 0.2.5

This new version brings no new functionality, but supports many new projections, contains the coordinates of the cities of several new countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein) and fixes a few bugs.

Important note : If you are using maps with the MRWORLD projection, you must rename it to MRWORLD2 by using "ECW Header Editor" or gdal_edit.

6 june 2009 : ttMaps 0.2.4

This new version brings new functionalities for a better user experience, and many new projections.


The main usage of the TomTom autonomous GPS is road navigation. However, it may happen that one wishes to use maps such as "raster" or "bit map", ie scanned paper maps. The software allows ttMaps to extend the use of GPS TomTom to other activities such as hiking, paragliding, aviation or sailing. It also allows their use in countries where the TomTom company still does not sell vector maps. As a drawing is better than a long speech, here are some screenshots .


This software is not a professional software and its use is the sole responsibility of the user, who accepts any defects. The author of the software assumes no liability for loss or injury or loss of data that can result from a software bug, or an error made by the user during installation or use.


The software is under development. So far, the features are as follows:


To install ttMaps, you need:

Generally speaking, if you use TomTom Home to connect to your TomTom, there is a good chance that your model is compatible with ttMaps. However, if you use MyDrive Connect, your model is for sure not compatible.

Last modification : 21/03/2014