Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Before asking a question, make sure the answer does not appear already below.

ttMaps does not work

Please read this document.

ttMaps does not appear in the TomTom menu

Make sure the SD card has a directory SdkRegistry, and that it contains the files ttmaps.cap and ttmaps.bmp. If you are using version 7.54 of TomTom software or later, on some models, it is necessary to create a personalized menu. To learn more, read for example .

Since I installed ttMaps, the TomTom help icon has disappeared

It is a problem that arose with the version 7 of the TomTom software. There is no known solution, but a plugin (Menu TT) toggles between the original menu and the customized menu.

ttMaps does not start

Check the contents of the SD card. The directory tree should look like this:

Make sure the Tracks directory exists. If it has not been created, you have probably used a bad archive manager to decompress the files.

Look at the contents of the ttmaps.log, where error messages are recorded. Look for error messages near the end of the file.

ttMaps works for a few seconds, then stops

In case of problems, ttMaps displays error messages. To read them, you must:

I created a special version of the script to facilitate debugging. Information is written to the file ttmaps.log, its contents will help me to better understand the origin of the problem.

I have added a map, but it does not appear in the list shown by ttMaps

You've probably forgotten to index the maps, or not installed it in a subfolder of the Maps folder.

I have added a map, it is shown in the list, but does not appear (black screen)

Get information on the tile (Maps management menu), and make sure the coordinates of the upper left and lower right corner are correct. Generally, the West limit is lower than the East limit, and the North limit is higher than the South limit.

Some maps are shown in green

This color indicates that the map covers the area applied for, but it is not available at the current zoom level. Press the button Zoom- until the map appears. This problem can produce if you use maps or photos whose tiles don't have the same resolution.

If you calibrate your own maps, make sure that all the tiles have exactly the same resolution. For example, with gdalwarp, use the -tr option.

Some maps are shown in red

You've probably deleted manually maps, but you forgot to re-index the maps. The missing maps are displayed in red.

Can you provide more detailed maps?

The provided maps are just examples so you can test ttMaps. They have no great use, unless you travel by plane. My goal is to provide software, not maps, for several reasons:

Is it possible to display menus and messages in my language?

Yes, starting from the version 0.0.3, ttMaps supports internationalization. If you want to make translations from English into your mother tongue, open this folder.

The north arrow does not move!

It is correct : the north arrow shows the north of the map, and not the geographic North. Indeed, the projections used slightly distort maps, and the north of the map does not correspond exactly with the top of the screen. Look at the angle of the north arrow with the map SCAN1000. In central France, the north arrow is geared up on the screen. The more one goes towards the east, the more the north arrow tilts to the left. The more one goes towards the west, the more the north arrowtilts to the right.

The TomTom GPS do not have a magnetic compass, it is not possible to display the geographic north. It would be possible to rely on the course provided by GPS, but it would only work at great speed. As ttMaps was designed for use in hiking, this is not a priority.

I have a map whose projection/datum is not supported by ttMaps

If you are an experienced user and if you want to add your own projection, you can do so using the program sqlite3, but I prefer that you send me a sample of your map (in ECW format and correctly calibrated) so that I can test it and complete the database. If the file is big, drop it on a file sharing site and send me the link.

Is it possible to launch automatically ttMaps at startup ?

Yes, just use the "Autorun" option in the "Preferences" menu.

Is it possible to devote entirely the TomTom to ttMaps?

Yes, if you use a TomTom without a SD card slot, or a TomTom One XL that can not use the internal memory and the SD card simultaneously, it is possible to retain only the files needed to run ttMaps. Put into the internal memory or SD card (for the TomTom One XL):

There is not enough available space in the TomTom memory

If you use a TomTom with no SD card slot, the internal memory may not be large enough to install ttMaps and your maps. It is possible to delete some unnecessary, or not essential files, to increase the available space:

The battery charge level is not displayed

If instead of the charge level, you see a screen containing the message "Unknown TomTom model" or "Unknown battery type", please contact me and give me the first two characters of your TomTom serial number.

The TomTom reboots when importing a large POI file

It is a known problem (bug #54). Meanwhile it is resolved, here is a workaround:

This problem can also occur when ttMaps contains many points of interest, and we reindex the maps.

Last modification : 04/11/2011